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A visit from a freind, leaving one behind.

For the last couple of days i have been staying with Sue, however today was my last day there. I was awake VERY late last night (more specifically this morning) I was sorting out Sues Vaio for her. Its an amazing machine, I REALLY like the vaio zone which is a media center system. I like it so much so that I am using a vaio launcher clone and I have downloaded a media center piece of software – still figuring it out – look for more posts coming soon.

but on with todays post,

Although, there were some issues (stupid register keys hiding in a protected state) but I go the anti-virus running, and made it find all of her media.

I am glad, that I spent the days with her and poly, i am really looking forward to going back soon.

Now, for the other big news today is that Alun came and visited me. He arrived at Sues just before 12 noon, and we spoke for a some time while i was packing my stuff.

From there Alun came back to the hell hole (future post on this place) and we were looking to go to Haynes motor museum, so after a quick trip back to Sue (i forgot my super bowl and hoddie – d’oh) we headed towards the motorway being guided by the TomTom.

The TomTom, was an interesting experience, it was easy to see how it gt confused, but it was interesting to note how it used its data to make the wrong decisions. when we eventually got to the motorway, we headed towards spark ford.

After lots of traffic and Alun rapidly running out of time, we decided we would stop for a bite to eat and then head back, he has said he will visit me again and we will go to the museum. Yay

I had a nice day with Alun, Its surprising how much fun and how many interesting convocations you could have in a car! I am looking forward to when he come again.

So, to sum it up, i had a great Xmas, and am looking forward to seeing these people again soon. So Alun, Sue, poly and penny thanks for a great few days.

As a final note, I have been moving some stuff on my “microformats quick start guides? website.

No back to the grim reality of trenchard park gardens.

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