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Apple Event Wishlist (16/10/2014)

A bit last minute (the event starts in 20 mins), but here’s my wishlist for todays Apple event.


I don’t care about the iPads much. I enjoy my iPad mini (i use it for traveling) but its not a device i am keen to upgrade. It works well.

However, there are few things i would like to see. The main one is better pricing for the higher storage models. I am looking to buy my parents an iPad for Christmas this year. However, even a 32gb iPad is a little small to last the 3-4 years needed. So a drop in pricing would be great.

I would REALLY love for Apple to include mini displayport so i can use the iPad on my cinema display, but that is just wishful thinking.

Retina iMac

I’m not in the market for a Retina iMac but i the retina rollout is an interesting thing. Retina on the desktop is something I would love to try.. If they developed a retina iMac thats cool, if it supports Target Display that would be even better. Perhaps it could be achieved with a pair of Thunderbolt ports, who knows.

Mac Mini

I love the Mac Mini platform, and if they brought something out it would have to consider it. I did just by a Macbook and sell my Mac Mini, but thats more to do with the price of the old Mac Mini than its form or functionality. (1000 of Mac mini was overkill!)

If Apple brought out something with the same specs as the MacBook Air and an SSD, for less than 350 I would be super tempted. I even wrote an imaginary review for such a beast.

New Apple TV.

An Apple TV update would be nice. I have a Apple TV 2 which does not do 1080p, but the current Apple TV is WAY to long in the tooth to be a worthwhile update. If it worked as a basic games console, that would also rock.

If the Mac Mini above came with an equivalent to Frontrow, then i would be extremely happy.

So thats it, my wish list for this evenings event.

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