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Apple Musing: Macs and the FBI!

Here are some random tech musings on a variety of topics which interest me.

Mac Mini going well.

I’ve had the Mac mini a few weeks and I am still happy with it. It’s really nice to know theres a safe copy of all my content somewhere I control.

It was also useful in creating copies of my media. I have my broken Cinema Display back home now so going to look to get that fixed and setup.

MacBook Temptation.

Now I’m not using my MacBook Pro for all my storage I don’t need the Huge SSD. Seems a waste to have it say doing nothing.

I really want to try a new MacBook out to see how it works for me. There’s a new one coming soon hopefully so I may see about getting one or an older one on refurb.

iPod Touch

I’m using an iPod touch as a speech and work device and I am impressed. It’s a keyboard / speech app I know so I am way way faster than on Windows or android and the speech generation is really good.

It’s faster than the my first 11” MacBook Air which is really impressive. Great screen too and 1/10th the price!

Really glad I decided to give it a go! The confidence of having a backup voice in my pocket is huge and it takes the pressure off my iPhone battery.

One more thing.

The Apple vrs FBI stuff is fascinating. I’ve really enjoyed the coverage on ars technica, can’t wait for it to be discussed on ATP

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