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August "Shorts"

Stuff thats too long to tweet, too short to blog.

The Verge

I started reading engadget in 2006, when some of thier top talent left to start thier own thing i was midly interested to say the least. The Verge grew out of that project. It’s one of my favourite websites, it mixes tech commentary and original long form journalism to create something awesome and interesting. Well worth a read.

Sky TV

After using the Sky Go service since the start of the year we finally caved and got Sky TV at home. A month in and we are both enjoying it, Sky+ is flexable and easy enough to use.

We got the monthly ticket so we could try the Formula 1, after half the season were enjoying the coverage so felt it was time to get the full package. Alongside the F1 (in HD!) we also get a ton of other channels and better reception.

I had been buying shows like Mythbusters off iTunes. While iTunes has its pro (no ads) its also pretty limited for avalibility and quite expensive. Im happy to see first runs on Sky and then buy the episodes i like.

Overall, the sky TV package costs about as much as the sky monthly ticket did yet we get so much more. At 35 a month its not cheap, but sharing the cost between two lessens the blow. Politics aside, Sky TV seems a pretty solid offering.

Personal Tech

I wrote about the issues with my MacBook Air recently. To recap, i brought a 2012 model to replace my aging 2010 model. However, it doesn’t work with many projectors making it pretty useless for my needs. So after returning it i swicthed back to my 2010 model.

They say “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, i think there is some truth in that. I am quite connected to this little computer and was suprised by how much i missed it. One thing which has really become apparent is that this “old” core 2 duo runs MUCH cooler than the more modern intel chips, a real feature with the current hot weather.

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