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Autism: Homeless to homeowner in 6 years.

6 Years ago, this week, i stopped being “homeless”.

I moved into supported living and back into education. I completed my A levels , while running my company ,+ Lion, along side my studies.

4 years ago I moved out of supported living. Spent my time studying alongside my work with + Lion.

2 years ago, I took my first job (at the BBC) and moved to London. I wrapped up and sold my company, I risked everything and spent every penny I had on the promise of my dream job.

Yesterday morning, I agreed to purchase my first home*. Homeless, to home owner in 6 years.

There are too many people to thank. Starting with Alun Rowe who belived in me years ago and supported me through the rough patch. Paul Boag for giving me confidence, Ian Pouncey and Henny swan for giving me esteem. Finally all the friends who have, over the years, helped me to explore the world on my own terms.

6 Years ago, i said to myself. “Do i have autism?”. Thinking about it, i was terrified. But as an identity and as a framework for understanding myself it has allowed me to embrace my strengths and cover my weaknesses. Way back then, i wrote about my goals for 2007.

I want this year to be happier, I want this year to be the year when i start to feel comfortable as jamie, Autism and all. This year i will look who i am, and i will learn the skills to be alone for my life. I hope to be able to get the help to understand those things i do not understand. and i hope to be able to make more progress in my chosen field

It took longer than a year, it will take a lifetime to truely understand myself. I’m so excited.

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  1. Prisca · Jul 13, 01:32 pm ·

    wow, what happy news – and what a journey! Congratulations on your new home ~ wishing you a great move, and a wonderful new chapter in your life as homeowner!

  2. Paul Boag · Jul 13, 09:48 pm ·

    Hi Jamie,
    that is all so exciting Jamie and although you thanked me in the post above I want to thank you. As somebody who has a sound on the autistic spectrum you are such an encouragement. You have shown me that autism isnt a disability to be feared but a personality type full of potentials to be embraced. You rock and I am sure this is just the beginning. Cannot wait to see what the next 6 years will involve.

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