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In Thame At Last

well, somtime my hair brain schemes work. today is a good example!

early this morning i left wiviliscombe with sue and poly in the #bmw tourer, and headed for brisol. At 10:32am the exchange was made, and i swapped to alun in the exige.

So, thats it I am in Thame Again At Last

I dont have many plans for this week, but i will be doing things. tommrow at 1pm i have scedualed a meeting with the head of sixth form at my school, and both alun, sona aand hopefully rau are going to be coming.

I am also planning on seeing martin this weekend, i have phoned thier house phone to see if they are there, and i may walk around and knock on the door a little bit later.

I am really glad to be back in Thame, and i am looking forward to a great week.

Published: 21 January 2007 | Categories: , Permalink


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