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iPad (3rd Gen): First Impressions.

So, Apple released a new iPad. Unsurprisingly its faster than the last version and has better specs in keys areas. I own the original iPad which is starting to get long in the tooth. I picked up an iPad 3 to give it a whirl and see how it compares to my 1st gen model. These are my first reviews after a few hours with the device at home.

The one line review would be: Great screen. doesnít feel slow. Itís thinner, lighter and has a better case.

Getting set up.

The Packaging is simple to open and robust, the first start process takes you through a few screens before landing you on the home screen.

It took me a few minutes to get a few of my favourite apps installed. From opening the box to reading my RSS feed in reader was around 6 minutes.

First impressions

I tend towards using the iPad for media consumption. A mix of reading, web browsing and watching media streamed from the iMac. The new screen makes a big difference to all of these activities. Text is pin sharp and easier to read.

The increase in resolution makes a noticeable difference to the 720p video files i stream from the iMac. Colours are better and the whole picture is sharper.

The extra resolution in safari makes text and some screen graphics super sharp. However, images and other page furniture can appear blurry if its using an image. The blurry edge to text rendered as an image is very noticeable and distracting.

Compared to the Original iPad.

I skipped the iPad 2 as it offered little more than my original iPad. Skipping a generation has made the differences more pronounced. The screen improvement alone is worth the upgrade. Combined with the thinner and lighter form factor the new iPad is very compelling.

Wrap up.

A few hours in and the new iPad is making a good case for itself. It improves on my first generation iPad in almost every area. If you own a 1st gen iPad then it looks to be a worthy upgrade.

Image Credit: The image for the header is from Simon Page’s great wallpaper collection Do yourself a favour go get one!

Published: 18 March 2012 | Categories: , Permalink

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