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iPhone 6 was too large for my hands.

Since 2008 I have changed my phone roughly once every 2 years. My logic has been it’s the computer I use most and the depreciation is not too terrible at 2 years old. 200 or so to upgrade is not to bad.

So this year, I reserved a 4.7” iPhone 6 and collected it yesterday morning.

I was a little hesitant from the start. 4.7” is mighty large as I have small hands. The current 4” iPhone 5 was already borderline unworkable. However, Apple has a 14 day return policy, so I figured it would be worth a go. I should probably have listened to my inner voice a bit more, would have saved disappointing my poor partner who was quite excited about having my iPhone 5 from me.

It’s been about 24 hours, and it’s already boxed up to be returned. It’s too big, and the upgrade cost too high to justify the compromises. Maybe next year they will bring out something which fits my hands.

For those wondering, my hand is a little over 10cm wide including the bottom base knuckle of my thumb.

Finally, if anyone has a 5S who wants a iPhone 6, email me or send me a tweet on twitter. I would be happy to do you a deal.

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