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iPhone Swap.

I brought myself an iPhone 5 last year when my iPhone 4 started to show it’s age, I reviewed it, and it’s been my phone ever since. A few months back the sleep wake button stopped working which became highly frustrating.

Last week I popped into an Apple store and spoke to a member of staff who after seeing a demo of the issue, set up an appointment for the replacement. This evening (at a time of my choosing!) I popped into the store and one of the “geniuses” picked up the case, saw the notes and simply swapped the phone out for a brand new one there and then.

I have spent much time dealing will Apple support over the years and so far, I have more positive experiences than negative. They are far from perfect, but on this occasion, it was incredibly smooth and straight forward. In, out no hassle. done.

Considering myself very lucky to have a 2nd chance with a pristine iPhone, I invested in a nice little case, it looks like a game boy, which made me smile.

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