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iPhone X First Impressions.

When the iPhone X (aka, iPhone 10) was announced a few months ago I wasn’t all that interested it was rather expensive.

Then my phone contact expired and my carrier offered me one for £15 a month more than a IPhone 8. That seems much more reasonable. After all, it’s the computer I use most in my life.

Hardware impressions.

I had the phone a few days before I had time to swap my SIM across. In that time I mostly used it for watching Netflix!

The screen is stellar. Literally, stellar. When showing black the screen is as dark as the night. The extra size is nice but the black levels are more immediately impressive.

I was a bit skeptical of loosing the home button but that’s worked fine. It took about a day to adjust but since then its been fine.

I like the glass case. It feels tactile and grippy. I haven’t smashed an iPhone yet, so hopefully this one will be okay… it’s a bit of a worry.

The final hardware which impressed me was the camera. My iPhone 6S was the small model. This is my first phone with the dual lens camera and physical zoom. This is by far the best camera I’ve ever owned.


Software is a little less impressive but not bad.

Face ID seems okay. I type my password more than I used too and it’s a bit annoying sometimes. It’s only been a few days so perhaps that will improve.

iOS11 In general is good. It feels very smooth and I like the new design language. Big easy to read headers is perfect for me.

There’s also some nice small details. I like the new password manager, it works for apps and websites, plus its easy to find in settings.

Final thoughts.

The iPhone X feels worth the £15 per month it’s costing and so far it’s been a welcome change.

Face ID is a bit of an open story. I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few weeks before I reach a conclusion

Overall I really like this phone and It feels like a good bet for the next year or two.

Published: 11 December 2017 | Categories: Permalink


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