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My favourite Mac Apps.

The high quality of apps avaliable for the Mac is one of the reasons why i enjoy using the platform. Here is a quick round up of some of my favourites.


Reeder is an RSS feed reader for iOS and Mac. Its very simple, subtle and a pleasure to use. Reeder pays attention to the small details while providing a consistant experience across my iPad, Phone and Macs. I can sit at pretty much any device i own and open reader picking up exactly where i left off.


Byword is a super minimal iOS and Mac word processor with markdown support. Much like reeder it has a simple interface which keeps distraction to a complete minimum. Apart from editing text in its simple UI it also support markdown making exporting that text and formatting into HTML etc super easy and fast.

Task Paper.

Taskpaper has been on every mac i have ever owned. It provides a simple but document structure which can be used for purposes such as note taking and making lists.

The UI focuses on making things easy to understand, completed items are crossed out with a click but still visible for future reference. Finally, by using normal txt files and nothing fancy file can be used anywhere and on pretty much any platform.

Characteristics of a great app.

These three apps are where i spend a massive amount of my day. They have a few things in common:

These three application enable me to do my work and interact with the outside world.

What are you favourite applications and why? Are they any you could not live without or do you just do everything in a browser window?

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