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Positive Mac Feels

I was in a meeting during the Apple event this week. I caught up on the event a few hours later as I headed home on a busy train. As I read the news I felt really positive. Which is a rather nice change from how Mac events normally make me feel!

Mac Mini

The new Mac mini looks like an amazing bit of kit. I’m pretty sure i don’t need one but gosh i really want one. The new mini reverses some of the negative trends Apple hardware has been following. It has ample ports, upgradable memory and is equipable with a wide range of processors.

About the only thing which is less than steller is the price. It gets expensive real fast with a base 6 core model costing £1069 and the i7 version at £1249. That said, i got 7 years of use from my last Mac mini and i’m sure the resell values will continue to be steller.

MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Air is a little confusing to me. I think it’s going to come down to performance numbers. In spirit it appears to be a 13.3” version of the the 12” MacBook. The upgrade to thunderbolt 3 and a second port is welcome, but the pricing and performance questions are alarming.

I suspect this will quickly become the “default” MacBook and i’ll start seeing them everywhere.

iPad & Wrap up.

Both of the new machine would make for great personal Macs. Perhaps something to look into more in the future when i have a better idea of things. I am mostly enjoying the single Mac lifesyle.

The new iPads look amazing, but the prices are just to high for me to consider at the moment. I will wait and see, perhaps the next version of the basic iPad will be a better fit for me.

Overall a really positive event from Apple. It’s great to see life breathed into the Mac range. I hope the positive feels continue to last!

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