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Project52 (better late than never)

This post is the first in a series which are being spawned by a little project called project52! Project52 is a website which was dreamed up by anton to get more people writing! Its a simple concept, write one blog post, per week in 2010!

This post is a little late (and to be perfectly honest is only getting written as i am bed ridden with the flu) but to start of i thought i would post about why i am going to subject you dear readers to 52 posts this year!

Like many web designers i seem to be forever redesigning and developing my own site, its gone through no less than 6 versions in about 3 years! however in all that time i have only really made about 10 decent posts! Opps!

So in many ways i’m hoping project52 will get me witting more. I’m hoping that if i write more then hopefully the quality of what i write should also improve!

So thats about it for this first post, late how it is, however i am now (as in, in about 2 minutes time after posting this) going to get onto my next post which is about the tools i use to do what i do!

Stick around for more posts soon, and if you really must comment feel free to do so below!

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