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As i mentioned a few weeks ago, i have recently been looking at the options to further my study and eduction and wow, have i found a great place.

SAE Institute is a collection of studio / universitys based around the UK which teach new media. I saw thier advert in the mac format magazine and i phoned a few weeks ago to ask about the requirements for studying a course with them.

A long conversation later with matt – the course coordinator – he was going to go speak to mog (the head lecturer) and ask what he thinks.

After a call with mog, and the swapping of some e-mails, we had decided that i would come and see them in London.

So, a few days ago, i traveled to london, met up with alun for some lunch and together we went to meet with the people at SAE.

We first met up with Matt, who showed us around the building. In short the facilities there are incredible. Studio after studio and room after room filled with Macs of all shapes and sizes. Really amazing.

After this we met up with Mog and we talked about the course, the support options and their work ethic. This meeting went fantastic and upon leaving i had decided that that was the university for me.

The next battle is to try and arrange the funding. Should be interesting. But thats another Post another Day.

So with Alun disappearing of to a pub standards meet, i got back onto the coach and traveled back to Taunton.

As a brief side note. On the journey back i read Mark Boulton’s fantastic series of articles about designing with grid on my phone. Mark, great job with the articles, and great job with making it all work on my phone. Impressive!

So with that all said and done, the future looks a little more interesting. Lets see what happens.

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