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Site redesign

As many of you know, i have been meaning to redesign my website for many months, well, after the first redesign very quickly got on my nerves for both technical, and visual reason i decided i would have another go.

The though behind this design was that i needed to make something clean and readable. Another large aim of the site, was to have a template which was flexible enough to incorporate many different design layouts.

There are a few sections which will be having more work on them shortly, and there are also some ideas on the way for some really “unique” touches.

As always, for the backend of this site i am using textpattern which a few choice extensions (more on those in the future) and for the front end i have my own XHTML / CSS template. For a few of the more visual effects ( like this one I am using the tried and tested slimbox

I have also produced a cleaner implementation of the hCard microformat on this version of the site. It is sat there down in the footer. I will be expanding the use of microformats on this site further i also have some plans for different way of displaying the ones allredy in use.

So, that a little about the new design. I look forward to the comments and feedback, and when you do find somthing which is broken (because you are) please e-mail me before anyone else notices. i wouldent want my site in a mess no would i (actully dont answer that)

Published: 15 February 2007 | Categories: , Permalink


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