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To Bristol and Back

a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure of going to Bristol with my freinds sue and her charge. yesterday we returned.

Last time we went, myself and her charge went onto the SS great briston which is Brunels great steamship. This time i went on again with her new charge. he didnt seem very intrested, but this time i took the time to read all the history of the ship and to get a good look at all the displays. some of them are very intresting.

Here is one of the many photos i took while we were in bristol. (click for larger view)

A crane in Bristol Dock

see my flickr acount for more photos.

Last time after we went abord the SS Great Britain we took a ferry around the harbour and into the center of Bristol.

As we propelled our way up the harbour, the sun was setting. There was a man on the boat who was deaf, and i enjpyed signing with him for a few minites. Its very rare i get a chance to use my sign language.

When we got back into the town we walked back toward where the car was parked and we looked into an archutechture shop, and we had a look around thier gallery.

from there we walked back to the car and then traveled home.

however, this time, we went further into the center of bristol and we went and ate at the pizza hut. in centeral bristol.

from there we walked back though all the different bulding and traveld back to taunton from there.

My thanks to Sue for a nice day out and an escape from this hell hole where i live. Thanks Sue

Published: 2 February 2007 | Categories: , Permalink

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