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Usability; some resources from the indie world of mac development.

For this weeks post, i thought it would be good to share some of my favorite sites for design inspiration and input. I try to avoid always looking at websites when i am thinking about design. I have found a rich vein of sites focused around mac software and software usability which are always interesting to read.

UI&us: (

UI & us is a blog about user interfaces, user experience and usability. Its written by Keith Lang who is a UI designer probably best known for his comic application skitch (which use to be distribute with all new macs). This site is a great resource for Keith’‘’‘’‘’‘s often in depth and though provoking thoughts on UI trends and specific UI issues.

A great example of one of Kieth’‘’‘’‘’‘s experiments and one of my favorite article is Rethinking the Inspector in this post he explores a new way of interacting with inspector palettes and shows a video demonstration of his ideas. A very thought provoking and interesting article.

Cocoia Blog: (

This great little blog provides great in depth views around mac software design. The UI roundups are great for keeping a finger on the pulse of where Mac OSX is heading. I also love the styling and design of the blog itself. Its visual simplicity is elegant, the use of textures make the design echo mac software and a high quality printed book feel.

Although i have not been following this blog for long, i have found many great links and interesting discussion pieces on the site.

Ignore the code: (

Ignore the code is the personal blog of user interface design Lukas Mathis, Much like the other links this site is a great resource for in-depth articles on UI trends and analysis. Full of interesting articles and the occasional video or link this is a feed worth following!

The post Flatland from a few months ago discusses how user interfaces can cater for both the new user and the experience user. I find this article fascinating and it has influenced some of the systems i have designed since reading it. One of the 10 articles i feel all designers should read.

The links above are only a small insight into the multitude of great resources out there for mac software developers. If you have any other blogs, journals or resources you think deserve to be in this list then please let me know about them in the comments!

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