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WWDC 2017 Wishlist.

It’s the night before WWDC so it’s time to make a little wishlist. Who knows what Apple will announce, but here are a few of the things i would love to see.

New MacBooks.

I’m not in the Market for a MacBook right now, but it would still be good to see refreshed MacBooks with Intel’s Latest Kaby Lake CPU’s. In recent years Apple has been slow updating the Mac line so two updates in 6 months would be a strong return to form.

I would be super interested in an ARM MacBook or a Mac mini update (in any way!), however both are unlikely. Here’s hoping!

New iPad Pro 10.5”

I really like my work iPad. So much i brought one of my own! Like with the Macs i’m not in the market myself but seeing updates is good. I am curious how apple sells the 10.5” size. Will it replace or augment the 9.7 and 12 inch models? Will be interesting to find out.

h3 Other stuff.

Updates to watchOS and tvOS would be nice but i dont have many specific wishes. For watchOS the ability to sync podcasts and audiobooks would be nice, but i suspect we’re a hardware generation or two before Apple makes that happen. If only because the sync is so slow it makes for a terrible user experience.

tvOS isn’t of any interest to me. I don’t need another box in my lounge for a TV i hardly watch.

Final thoughs.

I hope WWDC has some suprises. It’s been quiet on the rumors so hopefully theres something entirely unexpected on the way. I look forward to finding out.

Published: 4 June 2017 | Categories: Permalink


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