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Autistic and moving to London.

The trouble with the human is that he has never had much of a sense for keeping his nose out of stressful situations. I am starting to think he dives into them on purpose just to see what happens. I mean people often make choices which have big effects on the people around them, my human just seems to make big choices them act on them quickly. He is Autistic, Were moving to London. This post is some of the things we are doing to try and make this happen!

So first, Why the hell are we moving! We have everything we need in Taunton (well, mostly, i don’t see many herds of antelope). We have a wonderful stable home, great support, we earn enough to pay the bills and we have fun doing it. So what has possessed the human to uproots and leave? I believe at least 50% of the reason is to just prove to himself he can, the other 50% is a mix of ego, excitement and adventure. I don’t think he considered antelope supplies one bit!

For those who know about this autism lark i can see you thinking now, “crikey Lion, moving with autism, isn’t that going to be hugely awkward with the whole routines thing?” the simple answer is yes. The longer answer is, well the rest of this post.

Moving is stressful to everyone, but humans with autism find it particularly hard. Moving means that we are going to go from normal, through change, and then to a new and different normal.

Remarkably the big things do not bother the human all that much, but the little things do. Were moving into the centre of a large city and the human does not mind the increased crime rate or the higher chance of getting run over (factors he feels are out of his control). What bothers him is trying to think about things like the front door, the human is worrying about what type of lock it has, which way does it turn, how does he know its the RIGHT door. Does it slam when the window is open? What parameters effect the noise of the click. What colour is it? How do we know the door is “how ever it should be”.

The answer to this worry has been quite simple.. we have asked the estate agents for a photo of the front door and have prepared a list of questions to ask them about how it should be and how we know that its right.

This and a multitude of other details are causing the human concern! As we go through the moving process i have decided to blog a little about how we go about over coming these worries. How we stop them forming into worry chains.

We hope that by writing about these worries as they come up, we can write (or be guided towards) strategies to make this move work.

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