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Coaches and Train Pain

I hate travailing. It’s a lion thing. We love to roam. Lions don’t normally use bus’s or trains (people tend to stare…. Or run away) we prefer to walk. Though, I agree that walking to London is a bit much.

So, a problem is born. Me and That human friend of mine are expected in London, and walking there seems like a bad idea. So we required a plan.

By a lucky occurrence Jamie knew someone who was planning on going to London too for the same thing. So they made plans and I was going to tag along like a normally do.

Sadly During today Jamie got a phone call from our travelling partner. We had been planning to go onto the train (which said person would already be on) and trains down to London to meet the person we are staying with. However, This was not to happen. That’s the call that Jamie got.

Jamie doesn’t like trains. Well, Jamie doesn’t like trains when they are moving. (He says its something to do with all the wheel pointing in different directions apparently). So now that we are not meeting with anyone we decided that we would do what we know best and go by the slower but cheaper coach.

Nicely the travailing (or not so as the case may be) companion phone very early to say he was not going to be able to meet us, giving us time to make alternative plans. Jamie phoned the bus people and booked us a seat.

(As a strange little fact, the bus companies consider Lions as “luggage� and thus I don’t need my own seat. I don’t like being called luggage, But, it is nice to be able to travel for free so I will let them do it)

Jamie got a little bit flappy talking to the bus people trying to make sense of what they were saying. But soon we knew we needed the 5:20 bus.

So, after a little bit of hassle and what not we were ready to travel. Jamie is a little obsessive about things he HAS to have with him. So after packing all of these things (bowly, taily, Me, Lil-Lion to name a few) we headed for the bus stop.

The bus arrived on time and we had a quick chat with the person next to us. Then Jamie listened to his Audio book while I looked out of the window and got stroked.

I was interested in watching what was going by. I spend lots of my time in my bag so I don’t always get to see much. I hear and smell it instead. But today I got to see the whole experience. It was fantastic. It was new and exciting. As we entered London me and Jamie looked at the new things we could see… Entering London and night is a very fun thing indeed. Lots of pretty colours and new things.

The great thing Jamie likes about coaches is that the inside remains the same stable knowable thing, while the outside changes. This means that you can see, hear smell new things without losing the stability That he needs.

So, we got into London at 8:20pm and met with Alan after collecting out luggage we got onto a bus and went to the new place. Shortly after arriving I was out of my bag and snuggling with Jamie as he got use to this new place. Then Jamie and Alan tidied the room while I listened to some music.

Jamie is now Talking with Alan and I am writing this, About To go to bed.
So, so far a good start to what looks to be a very exciting week. Tomorrow is the boagworld 100th and the first trip into central London this trip! I really cannot wait!

Published: 20 October 2007 | Categories: , Permalink

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