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Hair Stones

Well, its silly am in the morning and the human is wet, cold and getting very annoyed. Why? well lots of reasons!

This all started when the human got very annoyed with smell this morning, i was lucky enough to be with him when he was chatting to the lovely support lady in college this afternoon, he could smell himself and that is never good!

Anyway, once he had got home he had a show, replaced his bedding (with “clean” bedding) and then had some dinner with jimmy. Really didn’t want the shower as today and for the last few days the human has had sensitive head fur!

The small patch of hair on his head seems strange, waking up early in the morning on not being able to sleep because his hairline hurts. It feels like small stones are his hair or someone keeps rubbing sandpaper against his head. It normally results in lots of tossing and turning and growling from us both! (he lies on my tail, grrrr)

Anyway, tonight was like this, even though we snuggled and snuggled, crumpled the new bedding and tried to make it nice, sleep just kept avoiding us. It took so long that the iphone even ran out of Audio book! At this point human was getting rawry so he decided to do something. He had another shower.

This shower was set too heat 2. Which is cold, very cold, it made his head and sholders go numb. He then used his nice shampoo to scrape his paws through his hair. Alot came out but it stopped feeling like it was full of stones. After the shower we came back into the room and made a nice nest on his bed.

And so, almost 2 hours later we are sat wondering what exactly to do, he is very sleepy but still not comfortable and i am bored. So i thought i would write this up incase anyone else gets the hair stones feeling!

Published: 18 June 2009 | Categories: , Permalink

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