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Independence Day: July 15th

No, thats not an error! I know i have not written here for a while (been nomming antelopes, starting companies and trying to breed smarties) but i have not gone crazy. July the 15th; Our Independence Day.

So back last year (about now give or take) the human and i were living in supported living & reached the decision that we would go independent & start our own business. This is a quick post a year on, what we have learnt and a little about what being independent means to us.

A lot has changed in a year, i can remember before we made the move, the human going over cake budgets and the like. The decision to move on was not taken lightly and its been an interesting time.

First up we have a whole heap of cool and amazing things, going independent meant we could start our own company, properly. This has been life changing, while my antelope management pays a few bills (the cake) the web coding design dance the human does pays the rest.

This little change has effected the way we see the world together. Once something which would have been expensive, or unthinkable (eg, a holiday, a double bed etc) has been achieved. Buying our own smarties means that we are in control and that feels very important. Independence has resulted in new choices we have never been able to make before, while some of these choices were unwanted, or scary, on the whole they have been for the better.

Independence however is hard to maintain. On good days, the flat looks after itself everything is just right and the antelope are plentiful, but on the bad days the hyenas are in the pride lands and it looks like everything is an elephant graves yard. This last year has had many challenges, sometimes they have been simply learning new skills, or adapting to new situations. At other times these challenges have been more about how we see where we fit in the world.

I am writing this post at Silly AM as the human is unable to sleep again. Coming up are lots and lots of changes, more university, more independence more new experience in places we never considered we would be going. Its time to budget for cake.

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