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Music of the Pawed one.

“The Pawed One� I like it. It seems that Lion isn’t descriptive enough, I wonder if in 30 years time I will be the “The pawed one with the long tail and wrinkles�. Jamie called me this earlier, and I though I would share after one of of the people here said it was a nice way to refer to me.

Anyway, Today I am going to write about music! As anyone who has played with the macbook (or looked on the iPod) will know that I have my playlist of my favourite tracks. I thought I would list a couple of them up here.

Umlike Jamie I don’t listen to the same track for weeks at a time. I prefer to vary my music, We have similar tastes in most things, incluysing music, however there are some things Jamie likes which I do not (and I find myself hiding in the bed tent with my paws over my ears when he insists on playing them) but I am going to focus on what I like, and Jamie either likes, or doesn’t hate too completely.

The music I like can be split up into the following ever more specific lists. Studios or publishers. Artists and compilations, Albums and then tracks. (Jamie also likes bits of tracks, but I am not quite that obsessive).

I am going to start with the studio who’s music I love. I Love the Music of Disney and, by extension Pixar. The soundtracks to their films and animations are lengendary and in my collections I have “ Just around the River bend � by Pocahontas and I have the complete soundtrack to “ The Hunchback of Notre Dame �. Something which I have been hunting for is the full theme to the Lion King which I really love! I also Like the music of Toy Story , and Cars, I think they are both by Andy Newman…. I should really get Jamie to buy me one of those for Christmas, Add it to my wish list I think I will!

Some artists I love include The Fray, and Pink Floyd. I also enjoy much of the older David Bowie. The track from the fray which I love is called “ How to save a life � I heard this on Scrubs and I found it to be an excellent bit of music. So I found it on iTunes a few days later and got it (while Jamie wasn’t looking) I slipped it into his playlist too, and he hasn’t complained….

There are a couple of albums which I could listen to all day everyday until the end of time (or more likely, the iPods battery runs out of electrons willing to charge round in the direction I want them to). *Eyes Ope*n and The Very Best of the Chillout Session are the two main ones.

Individual tracks, where there is only one track I like from them there are a few. I really love the Blade theme tune, I also love the Song Killer Queen by queen, I like how the track jumps about. I know Jamie like it because he can vision it, I like it because its sounds Great!

So, that’s the posts, about music. You may now call me “The musical Pawed One�.

Published: 1 December 2007 | Categories: , Permalink

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