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My human can spell: EQUILIBRIUM

As a lion i don’t have a problem with spelling, the bigger problem is normally with typing.. paw sized keyboards are hard to find! Anyway, some humans do have trouble spelling and this can be a pain in the tail when they have exams coming up. Today, i was in college revising with my human and he was learning how to spell some really long complicated looking words!

My human has an interesting thing with spelling, words just don’t like staying in his head. Letters all move around and hide, and look like each other. And thats when they are behaving! If they dont wany to behave they come out in whatever order they feel like no mater how much i rawr at them!

So, we started doing it a different way. Remembering large movements and really clearly different signs works so well that we started to learn spellings that way. By using fingerspell the patterns are more obvious, so when something has “ILI” in it there is a nice rhythm. For this word he found that he was getting the end bit wrong (the horrible IUM bit) and getting the I and the U the wrong way around. With finger spell this was easy to resolve as it became apparent that the ending was just going around my hand from the I to the M (in finger spell, I is the poiting finger, I the little finger, and M is on the palm) I have popped a little video we made in college today on the end of here so you can see what i mean.

Finger Spell: Equilibrium from Jamie Knight on Vimeo.

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