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Quiet Balti

People. yes the funny pinky browny things which smell and make lots of noise. You know the ones I mean? Good. Well they got up to something very strange today, but also very good.

Lions, we are social animals, though we are not party animal, more of a “quiet get together over an antelope carcass, how are the cubs� sort of animal so we do like the occasional get together. For quite a while Jamie and I have lived in the world of our room, after spending almost 18 months living in places where leaving you room meant almost certain death (okay that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like to Jamie) we are now not in den where you can walk outside of the door and sit in your own lounge.

This is a bit of a strange thing, Jamie and I have never been the type of people who sit in a living room all night, we are far more likely to be sat up in our room on the computer, out on our bike or snuggling in the bedtent, so it’s a bit of a realisation when there is a lounge a top the building for us and the other in the dens dwellers nearby.

Today we found told about an event in a lounge, and we were invited. This is the first in a very long time. Jamie was a bit worried about the people and the changes, but we were quickly swayed. We were told free food was on offer so we went to have a sniff and a lick.

We enter room full of people, not mysterious people, but people who we knew very little about ( a bit like meeting the back of the fridge for the first time and finding out its hot!). We ventured in and found a nice seat to sit in where we were offered sweets and other foods. Then we sat and we watched.

Sitting there, quiet we found we could keep up, people were in a happy mood, people were making jokes about the food (which was yummy) and were discussing about life. Jokes were told and people were talking about things which didn’t seem to scary.

People sat down beside me, I could feel Jamie tighten his grip but in time it relaxed again. It got to the point where even Jamie joined in, using his phone as a textpad to send a few words and share a few jokes and funny stories.

So, in all, I like the idea of lounges, where people can meet, and I look forward to living in a more open house. I think Jamie does too, though I think he is scared of trusting.

We have been here for 5 days, and although the staff all seem to look like each other, and the residents can seem a little scary, I think Jamie is starting to feel like he has a home.

Thanks for the “bali� It was interesting and new. Though, I do feel next time, I should be careful of the nose. I think I know why India doesn’t have many lions…

Published: 17 November 2007 | Categories: , Permalink

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