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This Lion Needs More Sleep!

Wow, its that time again. Its 7:47 in the morning and i have managed to grab the macbook long enough to write a quick update to lickr while jamie enjoys the simpsons.

Now what can i say about the last couple of weeks since my last post. Well a few things have been going on, Jamie finally got the new design online. He has been meaning to do it for a while and he finally go the time to sit down and finish the process of developing the new site and design.

He is pretty happy with how it has turned out, he is very happy that it has been picked up by a couple of the design sites, though as ever he is still adding to it.

The thing which i think is most interesting (besides having my own section on the new site) is when he made it. Since me and jamie moved to our new den he has had a huge problem with sleeping. After spending hours upon hours every night lying in the bedtent or snuggling with me he has still found himself unable to sleep.

This has generally been bad, but it has opened up a whole load more time when jamie is half a sleep for him to do design stuff in. Jamie says that he feels more creative at night, and i think some of his recent work shows the fact!

So with very little sleep, no talky and college not going to well jamie managed to push out his newly updated site.

In some ways he feels that he has moved forward in his love of the web in recent weeks and he has found more passion for what he does. For me i like to see Jamie passionate about something, Though i really wish he would sleep me. This Lion Needs More Sleep!

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