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A helping paw for Dogs Trust

Sometimes someone asks you something and your only answer is to say yes, a recent project i was involved with was one of this times.

I had met the talented Alex McGibbon at the recent bamboojuice conference after chatting online. While we were enjoying the fascinating talk by Dom Hodge i was showing him MicroSimple, a tiny content editing system i have been developing. He was rather taken with the system and agreed to help with the alpha testing.

For those not in the know, MicroSimple is a tiny little system i have been developing to help my clients edit their websites. With the simple aim of creating something clients would feel comfortable using; while at the same time building something developers could use to efficiently create small and simple websites without the complication & development cost involved with larger systems like wordpress, joomla or textpattern.

Rolling on a few weeks and Alex contacted me to tell me about the project he was doing for DogsTrust, one of the largest charities in the UK. He was looking for a system to allow the non-techie members of the DogsTrust team to edit and maintain the site. Microsimple seemed to be the perfect fit and so it was chosen.

I felt privileged and proud to be able to help such a good cause; MicroSimple has gone down well with the users and Alex. With both DogsTrust and Alex writing about how they found the system easy to use. You can read their thoughts over at Alex’s blog and the DogsTrust blog

So i would like to congratulate Alex on such a successful project, With 1000 subscribers already the waggywalks site has been a huge success for him and for MicroSimple.

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