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Apple Event Wishlist (9/9/2014)

I always enjoy speculating on what Apple have hidden up their sleeves. With an event early next week, its time to get speculating.

So here goes, my wish for the 9th.

iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is pretty much an open secret by now I have avoided watching any of the videos, but there are videos floating around off a fully assembled and booting iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch new screen.

This is likely to be my next phone, so hopefully it’s going to be something pretty special.


It’s been rumoured to high heaven so it feel likes something wearable from Apple is coming along. I’m not sure if I want one (I’ve never been good with watches), but it will be fun to see what they have invented.

Hopefully it will come with an App store. Perhaps there is something neat I could do with Swift.

Apple TV App Store.

Even if they don’t upgrade the hardware, it’s about time for the Apple TV to get a shiny app store of its own. Perhaps it will come in October, but as this is an iOS focused event now seems the time.

New Mac Hardware

A bit of a long-shot, but as I purchased a new MacBook this week it would be about time for Apple to update the range in time for the holiday buying season.

A ‘Core M’ based Retina MacBook could be interesting. Something with less performance than the Pro but a cheaper entry price.

I think this would also place pressure on the Air. As it stands, the Air is very hard to recommend due to the low res TN panel.

If Apple were to update the Airs with a new screen (non retina) and introduce a mid-spec retina MacBook that would be very interesting.

Something unexpected.

Apple are hyping the event heavily, they have built a giant 3 story structure and gone to a historic venue. Perhaps they are going to introduce something completely new and unexpected.

I think its possible Apple could introduce any of the following:

It should be a fun one, roll on Tuesday.

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