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Coding & Lego

I’m tremendosly crap at video games. I just don’t have the patience. I enjoy some games (Portal, driving games) but even then i only play them for an hour or so. This leaves me with long evenings to fill. However, filling this time is bloody hard.

Its a pretty common aspergers thing, we tend to come a little unstuck when we are given large amounts of “unstructured time”. While i am fully aware i need down time i have a dearth of activities which actully provide me with down time. I don’t find consuming media to be all that relaxing and as mentioned most games leave me bored.

One activity which does provide me some relief is coding. Getting engrossed in the code and the problem is quite theraputic. In this regard coding is alot like lego. With lego its easy to loose yourself for hours engineering away. Finding a more elegant solution, fixing bugs and exploring limits. I know, building lego gearboxs is a very specific form of “relaxing” but sometimes it works for me.

Coding and lego are the same toy. They serve a purpose but they dont fill the entire gap. I need to be in the right mood for both, after writing code in work all day i often find by the evening i have become a zombie. Not wanting to code, not wanting to lego not knowing what to do. I tend to then wonder the flat tidying, obbsessing over things.

So thats how i am now. I felt restless and bored so this is my attempt to write about it.

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  1. Bill · Jan 30, 11:03 pm ·

    Interesting how many devs I know have asp. or ADD.

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