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Happy New Year!

Another year gone, another coming, I have many goals for this year they are far and ranging between technical goals to emotional goals.

This will be the year That i hopefully go back to my school to finnish my AS levels and A2’s. I Hope to go back to Lord Williams and the Chinnor Unit, I want this to happen so much, to be back with my freinds to be back with what i know. This is my main goal for the year.

I also want to be more useful to pentangle, and to help the web standards comunity. I believe i have somthing to give to the comunity and i want 2007 to be the year when this happens. I want to expand the work of other, and help develop the web of the world.

I want this year to be happier, I want this year to be the year when i start to feel comfortable as jamie, Autism and all. This year i will look who i am, and i will learn the skills to be alone for my life. I hope to be able to get the help to understand those things i do not understand. and i hope to be able to make more progress in my chosen feilds.

i hope that a happy new year is had by all, over the next few day i will be making my predictions and my rule and patterns for the year.

Published: 1 January 2007 | Categories: Permalink


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