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Little Steps

The bad news came in late last week; due to funding I would not be able to return to oxford in the near future. Dammit.

Well as they say, when one door close’s another opens, so I have been doing a little research into Courses and training in the web development industry.

Since I have been with pentangle I have learnt a lot. By working with the company and Alun I have seen the inside workings of an ethical web development company. I have the skills now to deliver the high quality sites and I have the knowledge to go on and develop more.

Interestingly, the web industry is not qualification led. It is portfolio led, and in recent months and years i have been amassing quite a large and strong portfolio.

With the recent sites like merritts lotus and only organic I have been building a very technically, and visually strong portfolio. It seemed like the time was right to formalise this.

This far ahead nothing is guaranteed but the signs predominantly seem good. I am hoping to start a Course in September with Sae UK which will give me the official qualification, and form there I can continue on and add to my degree study with the Open University.

So that the plan, lets see what happens.

Published: 5 April 2007 | Categories: , Permalink


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