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Raspbain Official Release.

Just a quick one today, in case you did not already know the Raspbain OS has been adopted by the foundation as its official distribution for the raspberry pi.

Raspbian is the first Raspberry Pi optimised release. A loyal user recompiled all of the debain source tree to Pi optimised packages to make it. A phonomonal peice of work! The result is a 10-40% speedup!

I had been using the hexxeh raspbian images so decided to give the new release a whirl.

Getting up and running was quick and easy. On first firing up raspbian there is a quick setup wizzard that allows you to resize the parition and set overscan and the like. Very useful!

I wanted to try out the latest release of Chrome on the Pi. Mostly through curiosity. I could not get the instructions in hexxeh’s post to work so ended up just copying them from the linked text file line by line. This seemed to do the job! Chrome while slow now is a great start. Hopefully it will speed up a little as time goes on but its a step in the right direction.

It was good to see the new radio beta working well in chrome on the Pi. Nice to see the optimisation work taking effect!

Thats about it so far, i’m going to have a stab at compiling / installing XMBC and seeing how far i get with that.

Published: 21 July 2012 | Categories: Permalink

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