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The massive iPad and the little MacBook.

At the end of 2016 i wrote about my setup. The very short version is that i wasn’t very impressed with the new MacBook Pro’s and had decided to stick with my iMac and older MacBook Pro setup.

This is broadly still the case, however it has been tweaked a little.

A little MacBook.

The first change is that i swapped from a MacBook Pro to a MacBook. My partner is taking my 13” MacBook Pro to university with him. It makes more sense for him to have it than for me to have it and barely use it. I brought myself a little 12” MacBook to use in the mean time.

I will write about the MacBook again in the future, but in brief It’s brilliant as a satellite device, but unworkable as a primary computer. I do push its limits often, but because i brought it with a 60% discount i am happier to live within those limits and go to the iMac when needed.

A massive iPad.

The second change is that i swapped from a borrowed 9.7” iPad Air to a work issued 12.9” iPad Pro.

It didn’t make sense for the BBC to buy me another Mac. I wouldn’t use it as i already have better Macs at home, however, i needed a way to get onto the BBC VPN and an iPad does the job nicely.

We went with the bigger iPad as a bit of an experiment. A friend of the team has one and i wondered if i could follow his approach.

Perhaps ironically, the iPad is now bigger than my MacBook.

Till 2018.

With those two swaps made I don’t expect to see any other hardware changes now till 2018 when i may retire the iMac in favour of a MacBook Pro and 5K display. We will have to see what happens.

I am excited to be able to have both the MacBook and the iPad Pro. They overlap in interesting ways an i look forward to exploring them more in the future.

Published: 14 February 2017 | Categories: Permalink


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