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Why i've fallen out with my Nintendo Switch.

After almost a month with no use i lent my Nintendo Switch too my boyfreind yesterday. He’s wanted one for a while and i wasnt going to be using it much so i figured why not. He would enjoy it more. Perhaps in the future i’ll have it back when theres something i want to play on it.

The thing is, after 4 months of love, i’ve really fallen out with the Swtich. I’m angry with Nintendo, i’m angry with myself and its simply stopped being fun.

It all comes down to a single, terrible and ridiculous user interaction. I brought a driving game on the e-shop [“Gear Drive Unlimited”]( and the game was terrible.

When it was working, the game physics was pants and confusing, but most of the time it simply didn’t work. Stuttering, and pausing and then crashing. I might get 2-3 races before it crashed or froze.

I downloaded every update and even contacted the developer (who told me to speak to the publisher). I couldn’t get it to work, so i contacted Nintento for a refund (who told me all e-sales where final, i’d waived all rights when i brought it) and the publisher (who told me i should contact the developer)…

In short, i wasted almost £45 on something which i couldn’t use.

This sense of disapointment and anger has just kept with me. Being out of pocket is bad enough, but the sheer disinterest in everyone involved when i asked for help and the legalease response from Nintendo reminded me that this is a busisness not a freind.

So, there we go. It’s a great console and i’m sure sometime in the future i’ll have fun with it again. But for now its just too annoying so i have lent it to someone else to enjoy.

I guess, i am wrtiting this up as a bit of a warning. Nintendo are more than happy to publish a broken game and take money for it. Before you buy anything read every review you can and then hope like hell it works. After you have paid your money, your on your own.

Published: 25 February 2018 | Categories: Permalink


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