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Laptop Doctor

Doctor: hello lappy, whats the problem

Lappy: i dont know Doctor

Doctor: well what are the symptoms

Lappy: i find it diffcult to load in the morning, keep ejecting when i am sure i shouldent, and i am having great difficulty playing Dawn of War Dark Crusade and generally feel quite sluggish.

Doctor: is this a recent thing? or has it happend before

Lappy: the Dawn of War problem is doc, I use to be able to play it fine, no problems at all. Do i need a new processor doc, please dont say

Doctor: i dont think that would be possible, what have you tried allredy?

Lappy: i have tried reinstalling Dawn of War, i have defragged, run every antiviris and anti spyware scan. increased virtual memory. I tried that after i kept getting blue screen of death with memory errors

Doctor: hmm, i cant think of anything else you could, are you thinking of getting a secound opinion

Lappy: yes i am

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