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September 2013 "shorts"

Stuff thats too long to tweet, too short to blog.

F1 2011 (xbox)

This month i have mostly been playing the 2011 Formula 1 game. This version is a few years old, but apart from a few changes to driver names its pretty much current. Available online for less than a tenner.

F1 2011 is a unique racing game, it aims for authenticity with the dynamics of an actual F1 car. With all the driver aids disabled the cars are twichy, powerful and precise. Unlike most driving games you cannot plough into a corner and slide the car with a jab of the handbrake. For example, the front wheels will lock under heavy braking and without traction control the car will spin the moment you apply to much power. Sometimes you need to wring the cars neck, other times you need to be gentle and wait for the car to be ready.

I enjoy the difficulty, turning off all the driver aids makes coming 3rd feel like an achievement. The instant replay system which allows you to rewind if you crash stops the game from becoming to frustrating. Hard, but not impossible.

SuperDry Jacket

Keeping with a motorsport theme, i brought myself a superdry jacket about a year ago, and all in, i am a big fan! The jacket is comfy and warm with a brightly colored green intenoir. The fleece fabric works well with my sensitivity and the labels and not intrusive!

The multitude of zips is somewhat confusing, but thats about the only downside.

House buying.

Damn, solicitors don’t provide much feedback. Still waiting, but aiming for a move at the end of September!


I’m contemplating going part time at the BBC to give myself some time and space to scratch the accsessbility and freelance itch. Will see what the future holds… if your interested in talking to me about this… get in touch!

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