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Web Access (ability)

In recent weeks i have been away from an internet connection where i am staying. This has forced me to use publicly available WiFi and to research solutions for a wire free connection in my room.

Naturally the first option i looked at was the conventional phone line options, this was quickly vetoed by the people who own the building. damn it.

Looking into my finances i relised i could afford a maximum of around £25 for the internet connection per month. So i went looking for some more options.

Thought My Phone

When thinking about my options, i identified some possibilities and methods. The first on my list was the option of using the 3G network with my mobile phone for an internet connection.

Looking around the various providers i found that t-mobile offered the best option with its web ‘n’ walk system. This offered laptop G3 modem though a new phone with a 3GB monthly data cap for £12.50, however a phone plan had to be purchased to work with this method and the cheapest plan was £20 bringing the total cost to £32.50.

The cost of £32.50 could be met, however, the 12 contract was not at all appealing. Next Method..

The Alpha Network

Across the road from where i am living, there is a company named Alpha trophies. and they have a Wifi network. I could connect to this network in my room but after speaking to them i was not able to come to an agreement over the use of their network So i Had to loo for another method.

On Cloud 9?

After a walk around town leaning with my PSP and leaning against buildings, i found several hot spots in the town, including the one i am using now in a cafe, although this hot spots are free, they are only free after you have brought a drink, which turns out expesive over the course of a month.

However, there is a collection of hot spots called “the cloud” which allows unlimited accsess to all for £11.99 a month. So this is a Method i am currently using.

Look for an update soon, and a review of “The Cloud”


Earlier today i got confomation that i was going to be able to install a wireless router where i am staying for web accsess. So the issue is soon to be solved. Great.

Published: 11 March 2007 | Categories: , Permalink


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