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WWDC 214 - First Thoughts

Just some quick first reactions:


Swiftnew modern programming language. Looks pretty sweet, looking forward too some more under the hood information and deep dives. Really unexpected!

iCloud Drive – Was not expecting an open file system. Synced with Macs is a happy bonus. Effortless backup too.

SpotlightAlfred just got sherlocked :( it’s like Siri without the voice bit.

Expected but nice:

HomeKit – very excited about this, i have been contemplating a Phillips hue purchase for a while and this may just push me over the edge. Hoping API is open so other devices can be integrated.

Photos – iCloud camera roll is now up to 5gb for free, with extra storage sold as a monthly extra. iCloud already offered 5gb, but It now looks a reasonable cost to upgrade capacity.


No hardware announcement – Mac Mini is very long in the tooth was hoping for something. No mention of ARM powered Macs.

No Apple TV App Store – it really needs one.

No OS 11 it’s been almost 15 years since OSX first debuted. When will OS 11 come along, what changes will it bring?

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