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iPhone 5 First Impressions.

After waiting out the preorders to check in on the nano sim situation I finally picked up a new iPhone today.

This is my third iPhone, my last was an iPhone 4 (my review of the iPhone 4) generally each phone lasts 24-30 months. This time around I purchased the phone outright, I figure it’s more flexible and over 2 years it works out about the same cost.

So background out of the way, lets get on with some first impressions.

Screen & form factor.

The most obvious difference between the iPhone 5 and previous generations is the design. The iPhone 5 has a larger taller screen, weighs noticeably less and is no longer glass backed.

The new screen is very pretty, after a couple of hours use it feels comfortable and going back to the iPhone 4 feels crampt. If your coming from a 3GS or older the new screen is worth the upgrade alone. From the iPhone 4 / 4S the upgrade is nice but not as noticeable.

The screen space is nice when browsing the web a little space means slightly larger type when i zoom in. The apps I use have all been updated to take advantage of the new screen size. I’m prety lax at keeping my Apps up to date, so some apps (like reeder) have a actually been completed redesigned since I last downloaded them. A nice suprise.

The rest of the phone feels nice in my hand, I’m a little worried about scratching but so far so good.


The iPhone 5 feels quick and is yet to skip a beat with anything I have tried. Technically it’s faster than my first intel Mac and it feels it.

So my first impressions are good, it’s fast, sturdy and has a great screen.

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