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Specilism o-ramma

Recently when talking with Alun and some friends online the same comment has come back time and time again. “Jamie, You need to specialise” here is why.

Encase you don’t know (but i am sure you do!) a website is made up of several layers. Structure, styles and behaviour are just a few. Many web developers have a strong understanding of the technologies for each layer so they can bring a web site from conception though to final completion.

This works well when you are a lone developer. but when you start looking into working for studios and in teams you find that it works far better if you have specialists and a pipeline.

This method enables site of higher quality to be produced, because each element is made by an expert. The pipeline then provides the structure to do this quickly.

However, this poses a problem for people like myself because we have to chose an area to become a specialist in. I have interests in both the design side, and the development / code side

But i have to pick one. I need a wheel-o-specilism…

Have you had to make this choice recently? What did you do? Let me know by leaving me a comment!

Published: 29 June 2007 | Categories: , Permalink


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