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Things I use my Apple Watch for.

I have had my Apple Watch a little over two weeks. I’m really impressed with it. I’m using pre-release software so i can’t review the watch yet, but once the final version is released i will probably do a more in depth review.

For now, here is a general overview of how i am using the watch.

Daily or more.

Here are the top things I use my watch for daily or more.

Calendar – i store my routines in the calender and they show on my watch face. To make them more visual and memorable i use emoji of keywords (eg, a bath at bathtime etc)

Heartbeat logging – It’s been useful to have a quantitive measure of how stressed i am in certain situations. It’s helping me to plan days which stress me out less.

Apple Pay – Paying for things at the cafe without needing my phone is neat.

Bank Balance – I use a dedicated account for my spendable money each months. Being able to see that balance has been very useful. Helps me to keep within my budget.

Music playback – listening to music on the watch rather than my phone means my phone battery last longer.

Activity tracking – i didn’t expect to use this much, however it’s proved to be really useful.

Triage Notifications – I route important notifications to my watch, i often silence my phone and rely on the watch to interupt me if needed.

Most days.

And thing I find useful most days days:

Two Factor Authentication – many things i sign into send me a code via a text message before allowing me. Seeing these codes on my watch saves me finding and fussing with my phone.

Email (!) – being able to quickly check subjects etc of emails is useful. I have VIP emals set up to notify me too.

A few times a week.

And the things I use a few times a week.

Timers – useful when baking with my freind.

Workout tracking – I time my walks and keep track of them that way. Its satisfying to see the data about how much i walk each week

Proloquo4Text (speech app) – the watch app just shows text, but its handy, i’ve used it to order food in the cafe a few times.

Remote controls for audio – means i can leave my phone in my bag when listening to podcasts.

Reply to messages – being able to OK something or send a thank you from my watch in two quick taps is handy.

Final words.

I think the Apple Watch is a great bit of kit. I am excited to see how it evolves over the next few years. I’m also working on my own apps which will hopefully make my day to day life a little simpler.

Published: 4 July 2016 | Categories: , Permalink


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